DC Ranch Open Men's Racquetball Tournament

This will be a double elimination tournament. Winners will move forward in the Winners Bracket and Losers will move to the Losers bracket until a second loss is suffered.

We will start sharply at 8 am on Saturday 2/22 and run until complete. I am hopeful we will get enough players to make up 8 teams or 16 players. I will do my best along with some counsel from Jim to make the teams even and pair people up fairly.

Games will be played to 15 or up to 15 minutes and the team ahead at that time will be declared the winner. So get ahead early and close out your match!

Using this type of system we should be able to complete an 8 team tournament in about 2 hours. If we get more than 8 teams we will make necessary adjustments to the brackets knowing that adding an additional couple of teams will extend the completion time of the tourney by about 30 minutes.

Fee for the tournament will be $25/man your account will be billed unless you make other arrnagments. We will provide breakfast and beverages - Jim may have a few pieces of SWAG to distribute from his goody bag - Winners of both the Championship and Consolation Matches will get prizes provided by Mr. Tom Clark.

Please spread the word!! Also note that you need to be registered with Athlete Ratings as a DC Ranch Racquetball Player & a member of the DC Ranch Village or Village Choice Member to enter.

For questions contact Matt @ (480) 734-3434 or email p40f1t@gmail.com


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